Our Team

So… you have visited our website and learned what we are about, but we think you should know who we are too! Rather than call out individual team members and boast about their individual accomplishments (impressive as they are), we thought it a better use of the space to talk about “The Team”. Because lets face it, it isn’t about individuals, but the collective capabilities of all those involved.

The people who are the driving force behind E2i Design are Christ followers first. We have all been saved by grace and think there is no better way to honor our Creator than to help ministries use the tools of technology to impact their community. Each of us has real world church experience… meaning we have all been on staff at a ministry and have, in some capacity, been responsible for the visual aspects of the live worship experience. The members of our team are not doing a job, we are fulfilling a calling! We also view YOU, our partners in ministry as members of our team as well. We know that the combination of our capabilities and our calling make us the perfect fit for every ministry, no matter the size. There is no team more passionate and dedicated to “the Church” than ours. Our vision is simple – form partnerships with ministries so we can educate, empower and inspire as we change the world… one church at a time!